Friday, August 2, 2013

Philips Sonicare HealthyWhite Premium Edition

Philips Sonicare HealthyWhite HX6733 Review

What is so special about the Philips Sonicare HX6733 HealthyWhite Premium Edition electric toothbrush?

Just take a leap of faith and start using it! And you and your significant other - both of your will be amazed how soon you will see the difference! Just couple of days later teeth will feel and look a lot cleaner.

Why I did mention your significant other? Because there are actually 2 toothbrush handles in this Philips Premium Edition set so two persons can benefit from it!

Differences of New Philips HealthyWhite Model

The important improvement of HealthyWhite HX6733 toothbrush (model R732) compared to old Model R710 is introduction of additional 3rd brushing mode.

Now you will get the Sensitive mode in addition to Clean, and Clean and White modes. Which means you can chose one of these modes depending on you needs and teeth condition. I believe the mode names are quite self-explanatory.

Second addition is having 2 replacement brush heads included in the set. Older R710 model had only one replacement head bundled.

There are also special features that set apart Premium Edition from the 'regular' new HealthyWhite, and I will tell more about them in the next chapter.

Philips designers have done a great job improving the Philips Soni-Care toothbrush design. When it was launched it was the only sonic toothbrush that bristles with slim neck design and ultra high speed. That is the reason why this brush can clean hard to reach areas of your mouth better than competitors.

The Latest HealthyWhite Premium Edition Model

Sonicare HealthyWhite HX6733 HealthyWhite 3 Mode Premium Edition rechargeable toothbrush (what a name!) is a redesigned and improved model of its predecessor, the first generation HealthyWhite power toothbrush.

New HealthyWhite now features latest Philips cleaning technology that helps users to get rid of dark wine, coffee, and tea stains faster than you thought it is possible. According to manufacturer claims now it takes just 2 weeks to get your teeth 2 shades whiter if you use the new brushing device.

Differences of HealthyWhite Premium Edition

The difference is that with HealthyWhite Premium Edition you get almost twice as much goods.

The regular Healthy White toothbrush set includes one power toothbrush, one additional ProResults replacement brushing head, travel charger with brush head storage, and the hygienic travel cap.

Premium Edition brush set offers a lot more. There are TWO toothbrush handles and two additional ProResults replacement heads, and an UV Sanitizer with Integrated Charger included. There is also a Travel charger and TWO Travel Cases.

Package Contents

There are quite a lot of items in the Premium Edition package. Bolded items are these different from the standard kit.

Here is the list of items:
- 2 Healthy-White toothbrush handles
- 2 standard ProResults brush heads
- 1 hydroclean brush head
- an UV Sanitizer
- an integrated charger
- a travel charger
- 2 travel cases - one for each brush
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