Thursday, August 1, 2013

Oral B 1000

Why OralB 1000?

When I was looking for a cheap electric toothbrush, I found out that most popular within this product category is the Oral B 1000. Users of this brush are claiming that despite of its price you will be able to enjoy professional quality mouth cleaning, just like what is being experienced every time a dentist is visited. After doing some research I discovered that this toothbrush demonstrates the ability to keep your mouth as healthy as possible after every brushing.

Oral care is one of the most important facets of healthy hygiene. It is important take care of our mouth. This chooses no age. From the time I was a kid , I was always told about the importance of brushing in order to have healthy teeth and gums.

While there are many products that can prove to be helpful in the promotion of proper oral care, Oral-B is perhaps one of the most significant brands. Over the years, Oral-B has produced a wide array of products that have been favorites of many dentists because of the belief that they are effective in the ability to promote oral health for everyone.

Oral B Brush Heads

This electric toothbrush comes with different mechanical heads for superior oral hygiene. For advanced cleaning particularly in between teeth, use the Floss Action Head which features soft MicroPulse bristles for more effective cleaning.

Precision Clean ensures cleaner teeth and healthier gum as it has more cleaning bristles and more advanced tooth cupping.

Pro White meanwhile provides advanced cleaning and whitening thanks to its dentist-inspired polishing cup.

Dual Clean is able to break up and sweep away plaque because of its two moving heads.

Lastly, Sensitive Clean provides gentle yet effective cleaning as it comes with extra soft bristles.

Oral-B 1000 Battery Features

Oral B 1000 Professional Care has two light indicators so that you will know if it is time to recharge your electric toothbrush. This may not have been as necessary and could have been removed to cut costs but nonetheless, it is very helpful particularly for beginners.

Oral B has changed its battery to NiMH from the AA sized battery requirements on older versions. The power of NiMH lasts longer and fewer charges are required in between uses. Aside from that, NiMH is also considered to be environmentally friendly so definitely, this is a good change that Oral-B has made on its cheapest model.

Other Features

It is important to mention that this device features a Pressure Sensor which automatically stops if you are brushing too hard. Another improvement is the charging base which has become smaller and more convenient to bring when traveling.

Oral-B guarantees that people who will use the described item will see and experience results in only a couple of months. If they do not, the company will offer to give your money back.

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