Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Oral B 3000

Oral B 3000 Toothbrush

Having a cleaner mouth and whiter teeth is easy and fast with Oral B 3000. This rechargeable toothbrush promises to give you whiter teeth in just two weeks, and healthier gums in just a matter of one month.

With its advanced cleaning technology, Oral B 3000 goes deep in your teeth and gums to get rid of plaques, even those in the hard to reach places. This does not only improve your mouth's overall condition, but also prevents cavities and gingivitis.

Powerful Mouth Cleaning

Coming with an advanced mouth cleaning technology, Oral B 3000 provides a deep mouth cleaning leaving you a cleaner and healthier teeth and gums every time you brush. It cleans in between your teeth and gum line, and removes plaque even those in deepest areas that prevents and reverses cavities and gingivitis.

Its teeth-hugging round brush heads also helps in providing you a squeaky clean mouth as it gently but thoroughly pulsates in your teeth and gums that breaks and sweeps away plaques.

Three Brushing Modes Of OB 3000

To answer to our varying dental needs, Oral B 3000 features three brushing modes.
  • Daily Clean Mode - This mode provides a complete and deep mouth cleaning recommended for daily use
  • Sensitive Mode - this mode is great for people who have sensitive teeth or sensitive gums. It brushes gently, but cleans deeply, leaving you with a cleaner and healthier and mouth condition
  • Whitening Mode - If you want whiter pearls, you can switch on the whitening mode. This removes teeth stains, revealing their natural brilliance

Switching brushing modes can be done just by successively pushing the on/off button.

Visual Pressure Indicator

To avoid any mouth inflammation and teeth weakening, Oral B 3000 comes equipped with a visual pressure indicator that lights up whenever you are applying to much pressure in your teeth and gums when brushing. This does not only help you protect your teeth and gums, but it also prevents your brush heads from wearing and breaking down quickly.


To help you keep track of your brushing time and be sure that you have reached the recommended two minutes, this rechargeable toothbrush lets you brush per quadrant. It will give off sound every thirty seconds letting you know that it is time to move to another quadrant.

Customer Reviews On Oral B 3000

In general users are very satisfied with this toothbrush model. Delivering what it promised, people can attest to Oral B 3000's powerful and effective mouth cleaning. Users noted that after each brush they feel that their mouths are fresher and cleaner. The three modes offered are also very enough for an average user.

The timer is also very essential add-on, especially for kids using this rechargeable toothbrush. All in all, this gets a high recommendation from users.

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