Saturday, June 8, 2013

Oral B 4000 Professional Care SmartSeries Rechargeable Toothbrush

Oral B 4000 Quick Review 

Oral B 4000 Professional Care SmartSeries rechargeable toothbrush is one of two Oral B SmartSeries power toothbrushes.

If you want lots of features in a toothbrush but do not want to pay more than $100, you should check out this brush.

 If you want all bells and whistles like 5 brushing modes and wireless timer you should go for the Oral B 5000 but if you can settle for 4 brushing modes and built in Smart Display then the 4000 model is the right choice.

Exceptional Cleaning Action 

Oral-B Professional Care SmartSeries 4000Oral B in the promo materials insist that OralB 4000 cleans up to 99.7% of plaque in hard to reach places and next to 99.9% of all plaque. It might be hard to believe but if you take couple of minutes to read its users reviews you may get convinced that it is true.

People are saying that they did not even know how the perfectly clean teeth felt until they started using the Oral B 4000. Sound like a strong statement!

But you have to keep in mind that you need to take action and be persistent! Brush your teeth at least twice a day for 2 minutes, and 3 weeks later you will notice the difference! 

Oral B 4000 Compatible Brush Heads 

The Oral B 4000 package normally comes with one FlossAction brush head bundled but some people are lucky to get several brush heads bundled with the brush.

Oral B 4000 works with these replacement brush heads.

 Precision Clean is new improved PrecisionClean version that features more bristles and advanced cup-like bristle layout. This is a brush for everyday use.

Floss Action features softer MicroPulse bristles that work great on cleaning between your teeth. But be sure that using FlossAction brushes DO NOT replace flossing!

Pro White brush offers improved advanced cleaning and whitening action. I would suggest to consult your dentist before using this brush head to make sure you need to use this brush.

Dual Clean features two moving brush heads. Try it and make sure you like this action.

Sensitive Clean offer gentle yet effective cleaning with extra soft bristles. This can be the right brush head for the first weeks of using the electric brush.

Oral B Smart Series 4000 Features 

Pressure Sensor - if your are brushing too hard, the brush will let you know and decrease the brushing speed.

Professional Timer - the 2 minute timer will make sure that you are brushing at least 2 minutes.

4 Brushing Modes - Daily Clean, Sensitive, Whitening, Deep Clean (more information about modes below)

Smart Display In-Handle Display with Interactive Feedback - Smart Displays provides information about brushing time and modes, battery charge level, and more

 Indicator Bristles let you know when you should change the replacement head.

Portable Smart Plug charger and Travel Case are great accessories to have on the road.

4 Brushing Modes 

Oral B 4000 has 4 brushing modes.

Daily Clean Mode for everyday use. Offers outstanding cleaning quality.

Sensitive Mode is best used if you are a first-time power toothbrush user or you have sensitive teeth or gums.

Whitening Mode is great for additional teeth polishing and whitening. It works best with Oral-B ProWhite brush head.

 Deep Clean Mode is extended cleaning mode with total 3 minute cleaning time. You can switch between the modes pressing the Mode Button, and the Smart Display will show the selected mode.

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